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The Gift Keeps Giving

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The Gift Keeps Giving
Tangaroa (God of the Sea) Description: Linked with healing, the substance of life, purification, emotion, solace and inspiration the sea has always captivated mankind. For thousands of years man has endeavoured to study it, navigate it, understand, acquire and ultimately conquer it. But there is no conquering the sea. We require of this world so much and it gives to us freely, unconditionally and without retribution but a gift that keeps giving is one that should never be taken for granted. When we start expecting more and more of something, giving that thing less time to heal and nothing in return inevitably it will either have nothing left to give or it will turn on us and start taking back. Legend: Manuruhi took the fishing hook his father had made, ignoring protocol he then went fishing paying no observance to or acknowledgment of Tangaroa (God of the Sea). Manuruhis father had taught him to honour Tangaroa in prayer and by giving back the first fish he caught to the sea, but Manuruhi fished and fished and Tangaroa took him under the sea and set him atop his Wharenui (Meeting House). Manuruhis father, Ruatepupuke, soon discovered his son had gone, he found footsteps leading into the ocean and he knew Tangaroa had taken him. Ruatepupuke entered Tangaroas domain and waited to plot his revenge on the children of the Sea God. He spoke with the guardian of Tangaroas children, Hinematikotai, asking her of their whereabouts and awaited their return. Before night the children of Tangaroa returned seeking their beds, and whilst they slept Rua stopped up the windows and set light to the house. The children of Tangaroa tried to escape but Rua met them at the front door. The Snapper fish had been burned, its scales orange-red. Rua struck a fish between the eyes as it took flight, and it became the Hammerhead Shark. He stuck his spear in another and it became the Swordfish. Many fish were formed by Ruas wrath. Then Rua took his son down from the top of Tangaroas house. Now Tangaroas house was filled with many carved panels and posts, and all had the gift of speech, except two posts which stood out front of the house. They were called Wheri and Whera and were without the gift of speech. Before Rua left he took the two mute Pou (carved posts) and that is how man acquired the knowledge of carving, and why carvings no longer speak. By Rongo Tangatake Tuhura, Copyright 2009, All Rights Reserved A4 Print = $50.00(NZD), A3 Print = $100.00(NZD); Excluding postage and handling. Inquiries please click on the contact button.
Posted on October 6, 2012 Slideshow